A Breathtaking Interior Hammock Swing Chair – Adelisa & Co.

After Matt and I decided our two older girls were going to share a room, we thought it would be the perfect time to (finally) start decorating it.

I began planning the room’s design by making a list of important qualities. One of the top items on the list was to create a “favorite spot” for them. When I was a little girl I had a “favorite spot” in my room, it was a little nook by my window. I loved climbing up on it to read, journal, and relax.

When I stumbled on this swing chair by Adelisa & Co. – it was love at first sight! I could imagine the girls reading, relaxing and laughing on it. Not only was this hammock chair gorgeous but I found out the company has some great qualities about it as well ( more about that later ). I couldn’t get the chair off my mind, so we ordered it and put it right in a little corner by their window.

Since we put the chair in their room, we have been asked a ton questions about it ( definitely a statement piece ). So, we took time to answer the most common ones below. If you have any questions – just leave them in the comments. We will do our best to answer. 😊


This was one of my first concerns as well. I will walk you through how we installed it, but as far as was it hard, the short answer is no.

There are two main ways to hang this swing in a room:
1. Hang it from a ceiling joist
2. Purchase a stand (If you do not want to drill into the ceiling)

It took a bit for us to figure out what hardware we wanted to use, but honestly, the toughest part was getting the guts to drill into the ceiling. After we spoke to someone at Lowes about what we were trying to do, they gave us direction on hardware (which gave us more confidence). We got home and took the plunge, but it wasn’t that difficult (or scary).

We chose to install our hammock swing chair from a ceiling joist in the girls’ room. Note: We recommend consulting with someone that has experience at a hardware store prior to installation.


  1. Use a stud finder to locate one of the joists ( *Matt went into the attic to make sure the lag screw we got would be the right size & anchor in to it properly without splitting ).
  2. Pre-drill a hole in the marked area
  3. Screw in the lag screw
  4. Attach the caribiner to the lag screw
  5. Knot the rope through the caribiner ( we waited to cut the rope till the end, after we had everything at the right length )
  6. Add the clasp to the hammock swing eye
  7. Knot the rope through the clasp

Hardware :
Lag Screw
Snap Hook Caribiner  
*D Shape Locking Carabiner

*These are affiliate links – thanks for supporting our family so we can keep our small business running 🙌🏼


Yes! The girls adore Adelisa & Co.’s hammock swing chair. I catch them in it every day either together swinging and laughing or individually while playing with their toys or watching a movie on an iPad. To be honest, this swing has led them to spend more time in their room – score! The swing adds something so magical to the atmosphere of their room.


Working with Rachel & Allison over at Adelisa & Co. was a refreshing experience from the start. They are talented, intelligent and creative businesswomen – and a joy to work with.

WE ARE glad to feature THIER PRODUCT on our site for two main reasons:

1. They give back to the country where their products are made ( Nicaragua ).
2. Their products are handmade, unique, and high quality.

Along with the swing chairs pictured below, they also sell handmade shoes and macrame wall hangings. Be sure to check them out!

It is our honor to present a few of the images from our brand session for Adelisa & Co.

Special note: If you are not familiar with the current events happening in Nicaragua, please visit their Instagram page to keep posted on ways you can help/pray for this country. What is going on right now is a tragedy, and devastating to many.


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Thank you for supporting us 🙌🏼 . Feel free to read our terms + conditions for details.

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