A Great Play-Doh Alternative

Why did we opt for an alternative to this popular product in the first place? Well, it stinks.

No, really.

Play dough has always been one of their favorite things to play with. However, I have a completely love/hate relationship with the name brand Play-Doh. For some reason I literally cannot stand the smell of it. I have friends who love it, though! I tried to dodge it like the plague when we had it, and when they would play with it – it was outside ( that smell, though )! However, when I hit the first trimester of my last pregnancy, the play-doh hit the trash.

Then it happened.

For those of you following on Instagram, you may have noticed we are homeschooling the girls for preschool this year. Gathering materials for homeschooling or arts and crafts for kids can be a daunting task ( especially since we enjoy a minimalist lifestyle ). As a semi-crunchy mom so I am always on the lookout for non-toxic products and purchase from small shops when I can.

When it was time to gather materials for homeschool this year – I could no longer ignore the amazing benefits of play dough.

– Fine motor skill development
– Calming / therapeutic
– Bilateral Coordination
– Manipulative play
& then some…

I did some research and found there were some home made alternatives to the brand, Play-Doh.. but I was reluctant to do them because I have had one too many pin-fails in my day! Haha.

I ran across Zdough on Facebook and was so excited to give it a try because;

1. It is non-toxic
2. I didn’t have to make it
3. It is scented

Each color is a different scent. We received the fall dough – and ohhh my gracious YUM. This has me SO ready for this fall season. It smells like heaven, guys.

All that to say, the kids are glad to have play dough back into their life, and I’m happy to not have to feel like I’m going to gag when they take it out! ( Win. Win ). Now we can’t get away from the mess play dough can make, so I recommend just grabbing a roll of kraft paper and setting some good boundaries upfront with the kids that it stays on the table. We have a “kid table” and it is full of scribbles, old stickers, etc. and I must say, I kind of like it that way right now. If that is not for you, there are a ton of great ideas on how to wrangle up play dough messes, but for now this method works well for us!

I have the delicious pumpkin spice scent squishing in my hand as I finish this post ( haha ) you may have saw it in my Instagram stories.

Do you do play dough in your house?

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