A Unique Way to Explore Rocks With Kids

Today Emm and I decided to study something that really has grabbed her attention – rocks!

If you are following on Instagram, you may already know we homeschool Emm for preschool and follow the Habitat Schoolhouse curriculum. We love it! However, I also find it is just as important to be in tune with what your kids are interested in and take that opportunity to have fun / teach as well. I have found those activities / discussions to be ones where she learns the most! Take advantage of those phases, guys. Ok – moving on from my small tangent – haha!

I was trying to think of a creative and fun way to explore her rock collection on the fly, and realized it was full of rocks that are translucent, transparent and opaque.

I remembered we had our LED light pads which would be perfect to set the rocks on to help with observing which category the rocks fell under. I always have paper across their table so I just wrote ” Transparent | Translucent | Opaque ” on the paper so she could classify based on her observations.

I started off by explaining the difference between the three properties and asked her questions about which rocks she thought the light would shine through and why – then we started digging through her box of rocks.

We had so much fun doing this activity together, I had to grab my camera really quick and share with you all! ( Emm says she had a blast – and is now asking if she can make a video for other kids to watch her rock lesson – haha ). Maybe I will set that up later this month.

PS: I have to note that these lightbox pads are amazing because they are easy to store, don’t break the bank, and versatile for many activities… Perfect for rainy day activities around the corner and winter months. I highly recommend them – we use them so much.

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