Who we are.

Hello, Matt and Nicole here!

Two people saved by grace who fell in love and are raising three little girls.

We started dating in high school and these 14 years together has been full of adventure! We have tasted the goodness of marriage but have also witnessed the underbelly. 

We parent with grace because we know how necessary it is. We don’t discount or try to hide hard times, because we have found that if we choose to learn from them – those seasons are the ones that grow us the most.

We are a family unit.

We have three little girls and enjoy raising them to know, love and serve the Lord and how to position themselves as salt & light of the earth.

Together we are on a journey to learn what it means to be salt of the earth.
( MATTHEW 5:13  )

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What we are about.

Our core values: 

  1. We are a family saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

  2. We strive for simplicity.

  3. We believe there is power in loving and respecting others – regardless of age, race, gender, whether we disagree, or what mood we are in that day.

  4. We believe in grace. We realize we fall flat on our faces and will never have it all together, but that doesn’t stop us from always trying to be and/or do our best. 

  5. We are always growing and learning.

  6. We strive to serve others.

  7. We believe in boundaries.

We Serve Others:

Small Businesses.

  • Brand Photography / Videography
  • Social Media Support
  • Marketing assistance
  • Business Consultations
  • Micro-influencer support ( The brands we choose to work with as micro influencers are thoroughly researched and selected because it is our desire that those brands resonate well with our core values and mission of our site. ) 

The Salted Home Project

Within the next year or two I hope to release a special project that incorporates photography and our local community.

Behind the name.

Home – Ok, Is this a house blog?

Although you will see room tours and decor here and there, that is not why the term “home” is in here. A house is just the structure or building, but the home is an environment you foster. From where I stand, home is about comfort, safety, foundation, boundaries – it is an environment we create wherever we are.

Salted – What does salt have to do with it? 

I know you may be thinking, alright the home part makes sense, but why is your home salted? That part was inspired by Matthew 5:13  “You are the salt of the earth…” I was reading this one day and it hit me – this is not a request, “please be the salt” – it is a statement, “you are the salt”. As a believer, this struck me hard, so I did some soul searching and digging on what this could mean. See, salt has many properties – healing, preserving, delaying corruption, adding flavor. Perhaps one of my favorite qualities of salt that we love is the fact that salt needs to be mingled with the substance it is affecting in order for it to be effective – but even then it remains distinct from that substance ( set apart ). I want our home to be one that realizes the need for fellowship, collaboration but still stays strong in not losing sight of who we are. My second favorite quality is that you don’t necessarily put one grain of salt on anything – it functions in combination with other pieces of salt. Which is exactly why you will be seeing more than just my perspective here on the blog, introduced to a variety of brands and the audience of a plethora of stories.

Whether we realize it or not – we all influence each other.

Want to join us on this journey?

From The Blog

A Letter to My Daughter About Her Worth

At this point in our life, the world seems to look at your two older sisters and back at you with a less than joyful spirit once they hear, “Yes! A girl!”. Even before you were born it seems this world tried to stamp a value on you, characterized by whether you were “another girl” or not...

Rest assured my sweet daughter.

A Unique Way to Explore Rocks With Kids

This was such a fun activity for our kids ( I even had fun with it ). We took a little detour from our homeschool curriculum and decided to jump in to something our toddler has been interested in - rocks! We have this pretty decent rock collection and decided it would be fun to explore and learn more about them. Today, we learned about the difference between transparent, translucent and opaque properties using ( affordable ) portable lightboxes.

A Great Play-Doh Alternative

Gathering materials for homeschooling or arts and crafts for kids can be a daunting task. I am a semi-crunchy mom so I am always on the lookout for non-toxic products and purchase from small shops when I can. Embracing minimalism has also led to a desire of intentional purchasing. Our goal is to aim for high quality and multifunctional products. That said, I couldn't stop running into the benefits of play-doh - but I can’t stand the smell! Our solution…