The Salted Home


Hi there! We are Matt & Nicole, high school sweethearts with three little girls, one furbaby and two birds. Our family is saved by grace through faith in Jesus. We don't have it all together, and do not intend to pretend to. Our hearts are to share this life we have with you - from the ups to the downs - we aspire to share things that work ( and don't work ) with our home. We are constantly working to grow in ways that keep our family healthy ( and sane ).

We have been together for 14 years out of those, married for 8 and we have seen the underbelly of an unhealthy marriage - something we do not wish for anyone - so we are excited to share some great tips and series with you all. We have now been parents for 4 years with a christ-centered yet positive / gentle parenting approach. Nicole is a work at home mom plus homeschools the girls - photography, natural living and birth is her passion. Matt works in the IT field - tech, superheroes and modifying vehicles are a few of his passions.

We do not judge and ask that you not judge us - because we definitely do not have it all figured out. We are, in essence, two people with eyes on the Lord who fell in love and are adventuring through this life together.


Throughout our little space on the internet, you will find stories not just find topics on motherhood or from a mother's perspective - you will find much more. We aim to provide a variety of perspectives and tips on how to apply what we learn and know to every day life. Learn more about why this isn't just another mom blog.


We want to encourage you that it is worth the effort to be educated and make decisions that are best for your family. We want you to be encouraged to be involved with those around you while not losing sight of who you are and what you / your family stands for.


  1. We are a family saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
  2. We strive for simplicity.
  3. We believe there is power in loving and respecting others - regardless of age, race, gender, whether we disagree, or what mood we are in that day.
  4. We believe in grace. We realize we fall flat on our faces and will never have it all together, but that doesn’t stop us from always trying to be and/or do our best. 
  5. We are always growing and learning.
  6. We strive to serve others.
  7. We believe in boundaries.

Behind the Name

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