Behind the name

Hi there and welcome to The Salted Home! I am going to take a minute to explain what our little space on the internet is all about and why it is not just another mom blog. ( Oh, and about the salt. )

We are a family unit. 

Although I ( Nicole ) will likely post most of the content, this whole brand is run by Matt and I as a husband/wife team, and centered around our relationship with the Lord. You will also hear stories and perspective from our little ones as they get older, our extended family, and even those who we live near in our community ( part of a special project I’ll be working on and revealing in the next year or so ). Why? They are a part of our lives and a part of what makes us who we are. Whether we realize it or not – we all influence each other.

We are more than just “Mom” and “Dad”.

All to often people can lose who they are in the midst of marriage, work, or parenting. We have come to the conclusion that we do not want this for our family, we want to achieve a healthy balance and priority of the many hats we wear and self-care ( and we aren’t talking about a selfish pursuit of living ) . Example: Matt works in the IT field and geeks out on all things tech, super hero and automotive. I work from home as a photographer and VA ( specializing in brand management, graphic design, social media management, project management ) and geek out on all things natural living, photography and birth.

Our topics vary.

At this point we don’t plan to limit our topics. We hope to talk about dating, marriage, minimalism, beauty, fashion, homeschooling, auto modifications, yard work, geeking out about movies / shows and books, gentle parenting, caring for pets. As of now we aren’t really “niching” down – we just want to share our life with you.

We Serve Others:

Brand Photography

We offer brand photography services world-wide and are glad to collaborate. However, the brands we choose to work with are very thoroughly researched and selected because it is our desire that those brands resonate well with our core values and mission of our site.

The Salted Home Project

Within the next year or two I hope to release a special project that incorporates photography and our local community

Our core values:

  1. We are a family saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

  2. We strive for simplicity.

  3. We believe there is power in loving and respecting others – regardless of age, race, gender, whether we disagree, or what mood we are in that day.

  4. We believe in grace. We realize we fall flat on our faces and will never have it all together, but that doesn’t stop us from always trying to be and/or do our best.

  5. We are always growing and learning.

  6. We strive to serve others.

  7. We believe in boundaries.

Behind the name:

Home – Ok, Is this a house blog?

Although you will see room tours and decor here and there, that is not why the term “home” is in here. A house is just the structure or building, but the home is an environment you foster. From where I stand, home is about comfort, safety, foundation, boundaries – it is an environment we create wherever we are.

Salted – What does salt have to do with it? 

I know you may be thinking, alright the home part makes sense, but why is your home salted? Well, that part was inspired by Matthew 5:13  “You are the salt of the earth…” I was reading this one day and it hit me – this is not a request, “please be the salt” – it is a statement, “you are the salt”. As a believer, this struck me hard, so I did some soul searching and digging on what this could mean. See, salt has many properties – healing, preserving, delaying corruption, adding flavor. Perhaps one of my favorite qualities of salt that we love is the fact that salt needs to be mingled with the substance it is affecting in order for it to be effective – but even then it remains distinct from that substance. See, I want our home to be one that realizes the need for fellowship, collaboration but still stays strong in not losing sight of who we are. My second favorite quality is that you don’t necessarily put one grain of salt on anything – it functions in combination with other pieces of salt. Which is exactly why you will be seeing more than just my perspective here on the blog, introduced to a variety of brands and the audience of a plethora of stories.

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Disclaimer: Hey, friends! Some of the links on our posts are affiliate. That means if you purchase through them we get a small compensation (at no cost to you). 

Please know we would not recommend a product that we don’t love and do a ton of research on beforehand! Thank you for supporting us! :) 

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