Welcome Home, Olivia!

The birth of our third little girl was a little over a week ago - she made her debut 2 weeks early and we were not anticipating it at all. It was a beautiful ( and slightly humorous ) experience. Although our 1.5 day stay at the hospital was full of quality bonding time, support and was a fantastic experience - we were ready to get home to our other two girls.

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Olivia's Birth Story

Man, two weeks early.. I wasn't anticipating her arrival, and I wasn't expecting this type of birth but my goodness it was beautiful. It wasn't beautiful because it was zen peaceful and everything went my way - because it wasn't and it didn't. It wasn't beautiful because I had a ton of documentation or photos to look at to prove it - because I didn't. It was beautiful because…

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Fruit of the Spirit: 6 Commonly Overlooked Fundamentals

Do these phrases sound familiar: "I need to work on having more patience...” or how about, "God, please give me more self-control..."?

They are definitely familiar to me and have slipped from my lips. I would say something like this, put my best foot forward, and move confidently along. At first glance, growth was miraged by my ritual efforts of improvement, until I realized I would end up right back where I started. I was officially in a rut and didn’t understand why! Friends, the struggle is real!

Determined to get to the bottom of it, I …

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