Welcome Home, Olivia!

The birth of our third little girl was a little over a week ago – she made her debut 2 weeks early and we were not anticipating it at all. It was a beautiful ( and slightly humorous ) experience. Although our 1.5 day stay at the hospital was full of quality bonding time, support and was a fantastic experience – we were ready to get home to our other two girls. Here is a little glimpse into our first full day with Liv along with the sweet surprise “Welcome Home” we had from Emm and Ade ( it is clear they were excited to have their new baby sister home ).


When we got home, we were welcomed by the sweetest surprise from our family. Emm and Ade were thrilled about their baby sister being home     – oh, and the chocolate cake they made with Grandmother ;).

So thankful to finally be at home with all three of our sweet girls. Our hearts are so full! Matt and I were just talking about how we are so amazed at how much love we have in our hearts for each girl. It just keeps growing! God is so good, we are so thankful.


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