Newborn Essentials from a Mother of 3

After going through the newborn stage three times, we wanted to share a few of our favorite products with you guys! For this stage, we like to keep things simple and add from there as we learned our little ones better.

We try to be intentional when it comes to purchasing products. We looked for items that were multifunctional, quality and in our budget. On the budget note, here’s the thing, at the end of the day your newborn needs shelter, food, and lots of snuggles + love. No need to go over budget on trinkets ).

Have you tried any of these products? Let us know your favorite newborn essentials!

Time to eat:

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We all know fed is best! My experience feeding newborns is based from being a work at home mom who breastfed/pumped. Ok so here are our faves.

  1. My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow: I enjoyed this specific pillow more than Boppy or others during newborn phase because:
    • The back support was great for postpartum and nursing.
    • The filler was firmer than others, so it didn’t feel like babe was sinking into it.
    • Washable and interchangeable covers.
    • I loved the little pocket I could put nursing pads in.
  2. Lansinoh Nursing Pads: These were my favorite nursing pads for many reasons. I wanted to love the reusable ones but I couldn’t get on board with them.
  3. Lansinoh Nipple Shield: I realized after my first, these need to be on hand especially after the first week of nursing if cracked nipples happen due to lip tie or improper latch.
  4. Green Sprouts Burp Cloth: I love the simplicity here. Thick, absorbent, easy to throw over the shoulder.
  5. Comotomo Bottles: These were amazing for many reasons! Mainly, they were the ones that my kids actually drank from after trying many other types. 
  6. Haakaa: This little breast pump contraption was amazing! I wish I had it for my first two. It helped collect so much milk. Easy to use, easy to clean. I didn’t respond well to pumps, but when I pumped with the first two, I used Medela because that is what my insurance company gave me.
  7. Formula: ( not pictured ) Since I have no experience with formula (and haven’t researched the snot out of it), I don’t feel confident recommending one. I do know it is a good idea to work with your pediatrician to find the best formula for your babe if that is the route taken!

Time to chill:

These are my favorite products when I needed to put babe down and get some work done or during babe’s nap time.

  1. Muslin Swaddle Blankets: These will forever be my favorite type of blanket for babies. They are versatile, light weight, and the fabric breathes. Also, there are so many cute patterns to choose from! A few of my favorite brands are Aden and Anais, Little Unicorn, and Margaux & May.
  2. WubbaNubb Pacifier: When I first saw this, I was skeptical. Why on earth would I need this stuffed animal attached to a pacifier? With my other two, we had the basic Avent Pacifiers and they were the only ones they’d take ( granted all of our kids ditched pacifiers by 4 months old, le sigh ). Another item I wished I had with the first two – why? – well, it sure is hard to lose a paci with a giant stuffed animal attached to it! Ha! Also, my babe loved it.
  3. 4 Moms Mamaroo: I had all of the belles + whistles for our first ( swing, bouncy, rocker, jumper, etc. ). I quickly found out that just did not work for us. With our second, we had the Mamaroo and loved it! We weren’t huge fans of letting the babes sit in swings, etc. for extended periods of time so we didn’t need to many options. A friend ( & occupational therapist ) told me it wasn’t great for development, so I stopped. However, we needed some “chill time” options.
  4. Loose Mittens: We didn’t use these for sleep because they fall off and, well, I’m a freak when it comes to any loose objects while sleeping so we had pajamas with foldable mittens. I did put them on during chill time so babe didn’t scratch the tar out of their faces in those first weeks.
  5. Dockatot: Ah, another thing I wish I had with the first two. I loved this thing! Being a work at home mom, I needed versatile products. This was it. Liv napped like a dream in this! She loved it and therefore – I loved it. ( Secretly wish I had one for myself, it looks pretty cozy ).
  6. Fisher Price Rock N’ Play: One word. Reflux. Ade had some and this was a life saver when it came to chill time during the day! I was able to supervise her, buckle her in, etc. it was great. I had this with all 3 babes and definitely recommend ( just follow the safety instructions – pllease ).

Time to sleep:

We kept sleep simple. I am a huge believer in this after ready many materials and going through the Safe to Sleep program. Here are my favorite products for newborn sleep.

  1. Arms Reach Co-Sleeper ( Cambria ): We had this with all three girls, I highly recommend! It is great, because:
    • All the benefits of co-sleeping without actually sharing the bed
    • Mesh siding for airflow and visibility
    • Breastfeeding friendly
    • Can latch the side up and move it around the room or house
  2. Love to Dream Swaddle Up: We tried many swaddles and after three girls, this is our favorite one for the newborn period. Liv slept like a champ in this and so did I ( knowing there were no loose blankets in the crib ). 
  3. Avent Pacifiers: These were the only pacifiers our girls would take. We love them! Easy to clean, soft, affordable.
  4. Cloud B Sleep Sheep On the Go: We kept this under the Arms Reach Co-sleeper. It is essentially a white noise machine and it was amazing! ( Bonus: It helps with my Tinnitus, haha ).
    • 4 Soothing Sound Options
    • Velcro Tab for easy attatching
    • Travel Size
    • 2 Timer options ( 20 mins / 45 mins )
  5. Motorola MBP36S-2 Video Baby Monitor: This is a great monitor! Pan, tilt, zoom and night vision checked all the boxes! We are happy with it.

Time to play:

Ok, so newborns don’t really “play” much. However, tummy time is very important and it is great to get on the floor and play with your babe. Here are our favorite “toys” for the newborn phase.

  1. Lovevery The Play Gym: We had a few play gyms, and wished we had this one. It has everything you could think of that would benefit your child from newborn tummy time to toddler. I say it is worth the investment! A friend of mine has it and it is super cute, too! 
  2. Sophie the Giraffe: In my book, this is a must. All three of my kids had an insane obsession with this giraffe toy! I’m guessing the squeaky noises and the contrasted eyes / spots. Don’t get it in water, the squeaker will die, mold will happen, kids freak when it gets thrown away.
  3. Bright Starts Lots of Links: Ok, so these are versatile! Newborns love to grasp them, bring to mouth and the bright colors keep their attention. We also used these to secure things onto the stroller, carseat, etc. so when babe throw them later on they stayed attached.
  4. Peek a Boo Forest Book: Getting into the habit of reading to baby in the newborn phase will pay off later ( you’re welcome, haha ). This book is soft and baby friendly! ( Notice you can use the end to put on a link, yup )
  5. Oball: My occupational therapist friend highly recommended these to me when I was pregnant with our first. It was a favorite amongst all of our babes, they are great for grasping skills early on. Honestly, they have many benefits ( and again, notice how you can put it on a link , haha ).

Time to go:

Whether heading to the store or out of town, these are our favorite products for “on the go”.

  1. Britax Carseat: We love this brand. Safety is our priority and theirs. That is all I have to say about that. Also, their customer services is amazing. 
  2. Carseat cover, nursing cover, etc:  This contraption is versatile and amazing. I only had it with our third, wish I had it with all of them! When you have three small children, you learn to enjoy multifunctional products ( which means less items to tow around ). 
  3. Diaper Bag Backpack: I’m just going to say, save your shoulder, save your hair, save your sanity and your back. Just get a diaper bag backpack.
  4. Solly Baby Wrap: We ( yes, Matt too ) love wearing our babies! This wrap is great for the newborn period and up. However, I will say, once our kids hit 6 months they usually ended up in our Tula Carrier. 
  5. Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller: We had this stroller with all three girls and I recommend x 100. Why?
    • Extremely easy to fold up ( pull one lever ) I could do this one handed, which was vital when you are in a parking lot holding a baby with two toddlers. 
    • Compact when folded
    • Handled most terrain well
    • Laid flat down for newborn
  6. Infant insert: we used this in the stroller during the newborn period and took out once the girls could hold their heads up. 
  7. Graco Pack N’ Play: We kept it simple, this pack n play folds up super tiny, it is easy to pack and unpack ( I was able to do it while holding the baby with two other toddlers in tow ). We had the Joovy for the first two, and although it was great for play time, it was so big we could barely fit it in many places when traveling to visit friends / family.

Time to bathe:

Are you noticing a theme here? We keep things pretty minimal. 

  1. Bamboo Washcloths: We liked these because they were soft and lasted a while!
  2. California Baby Soap: This worked best during the newborn phase for our kids! We tried switching to another brand with Ade and she had some major flare ups with eczema. 
  3. Puj Flyte: This is a great baby bath for a few reasons:
    • Travels easy
    • Dries quickly ( no mold / mildew / extra work )
    • Is compact when stored ( you can also hang it up ).
  4. Tubby Todd Lotion (not pictured): This was the best lotion  and I’m glad we found it for Adelyn ( it helps so much with her eczema ). I couldn’t find it to add for the photos but you can purchase it here

Time to heal:

We had two fall babies, so RSV / Flu / Cold season was amongst us. We are basically pros at surviving this season now. Here are a few staples:

  1. Frida Baby Basics Kit: Yup, everything in this kit sounds disgusting… a snot sucker? You bet ya! This is the most efficient tool we have used. I tried about every snot suction tool out there.. This is the one! It was actually a gift from our Pediatrician in Florida. Haven’t looked back. Get this kit, you’re welcome! Haha.
  2. Little Remedies: We like this brand when it comes to medicine for kids. We believe immune systems need a chance to mature and work. Always always always consult your pediatrician before using ANY medication with your newborn.
    • Gripe Water for belly upset. We only used this with one, but it seemed to help!
    • Saline Spray. Definitely use this right before suctioning, it helps loosen everything up and moisturizes. 
  3. Crane Humidifier: These are so helpful during the winter months when the air is dry. This is beneficial for not only congestion, but noticed an improvement with Ade’s eczema when it is running.
  4. Boogie Wipes: These may seem “extra” but when my babies are sick, their noses get raw fast. I’ve found these wipes to be very helpful in keeping that skin soothed and the nasal cavities moist.

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