Our Instagram Feed is Full of Blankets and Snuggles – Here is Why

This is a season of rest for us. As you may have noticed by the ongoing theme of low key moments on our feed.

I want to encourage this for mamas + families that are in the postpartum season like we are

Yes . families . that . are . in postpartum . season… See, although my body and little one’s body may be going through the most physically, the rest of our family isn’t exempt from the beautiful growing pains. These transitions demand attention & if we don’t keep priorities straight and stick to healthy boundaries, things get out of whack ( been there . done that . not doing it again this time – haha ).

This time ( with our third babe ), We are saying no to all of the insane pressures and expectations. I put all of those on myself with the first two thinking I’d be some sort of supermom for pushing myself… no… There are moments to push yourself and this 👏 is 👏 not 👏 one

In fact the exact opposite may just happen if you push too hard, cranky, irritable, and over exhausted don’t even begin to describe what can take over…

So, postpartum families… don’t feel like you are lazy bums… or not being “productive” by being lowkey, hanging out, and not as active the first three months of your newborn’s life… Our heavenly Father even took a day to rest after His amazing work in birthing creation!

Find your balance of getting out of the house, staying in to rest, of alone time and family time.. It is there and it doesn’t look the same for everyone. We just want you to focus on finding your rhythm and what makes your family thrive and push into that.

We see you. We feel you & if anyone is struggling in this season please don’t hesitate to message us!


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