The Mattress We Chose for Our Toddler

It was time for our toddler ( Ade ) to move out of her crib, which meant we were on the hunt for a new mattress for Emm.

We take mattress quality very seriously for a few reasons:

  • Back issues run in the family

  • Proper support for a child during development is important

  • There are nasty chemicals in some mattresses that we didn’t want to expose our children to

  • Some mattresses are not safe for children

  • We didn’t want to break our budget

I am very picky about products we choose ( yes, I get teased about it all the time by our family ). Anyway, I was mostly interested in a foam mattress because she sleeps so well in our bed ( and always ended up in it in the middle of the night ).

We checked out a few companies but they all mostly marketed more towards adults, and every time we would ask about safety for children – the answer would turn up void.

I just didn’t feel comfortable with that. I started feeling defeated and nervous about purchasing an expensive mattress that may not even benefit my child because it wasn’t designed for one … then enter the 5 Little Monkeys Mattress – a mattress system developed with kids in mind! My jaw dropped and I sighed with relief, “Finally!”.

The details that sold us:

Not only was 5 Little Monkeys sleep system developed with child development in mind, but it literally met all of our other goals for a mattress!

  • Amazing support especially for growing children ( but… I have slept on it, too it is great )

  • CertiPUR-US® Certified ( so not made with nasty chemicals )

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Didn’t break the bank

They also have a 100 night rest test, so if it didn’t work out we were promised a full refund. Honestly, this took away a lot of my hesitance of purchasing something I couldn’t first feel or see in person. Not only that, our purchase was  more than a mattress, it is a “sleep system” so it comes with a pillow and mattress protector as well! ( YES please ).

We have a promo code for you -$25 off:



Shipment came quickly and in a small box. I sat there scratching my head trying to figure out how on earth they fit this entire mattress into a that box, it was quite comical! However, very efficient. It was easy to unpack, didn’t have a strong odor ( just a slight one that was gone within an hour ) and set up within minutes. Our daughter was so excited when we were getting everything together, because the company adds some surprises for the kids in there ( how thoughtful! ).

Matt and I put together a little unboxing video for you guys:

A few months of trying it out:

It has been a few months since we received this mattress and are happy to report:

Our daughter loves it!

She sleeps better on this mattress than her old one by a long shot ( I mean, she only comes into our room rarely and when she does it is around 6:00am, I’ll take it! ). To be honest, I wish it was available in a king size, because Matt and I both have passed out on it a few times putting her down for bed ( ha ). I highly recommend this mattress for a toddler! It is soft, but supportive and helps regulate the temperature which is important for us because both of our girls heat up like little space heaters usually when they sleep. She never wakes up covered in sweat anymore ( Score! No more cranky child ).

Behind the Brand:

Working with 5 Little Monkeys has been fantastic from start to finish. This family owned business is run by two parents who have children and so they know the importance of sleep not just for the kids ( but for us parents, too ). There is a clear passion for children within this company and it shows! It shows past the pre-purchase and all the way through your child’s development… Oh and the packaging has little surprise gifts for the kids in the box :).

So, if you are on the hunt for a mattress – we confidently recommend this brand!

Enjoy a $25 discount!

Promo Code: SALTED25

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